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Friday, February 13, 2009

Double Edged

If there is anything I can take away from these exams that I have endured so far, it is this: the more I study, the more I come to realise that I do not know. Yes, I have heard this somewhere before and no doubt, you have too. However, the implication that arises from this statement is one for a big pause....

Acquiring knowledge is part of a big thing among young, able-bodied Singaporeans who are in the midst of making a mark in one's life, in society and in the world. So, it isn't strange to note how much hard-work and monetary value one will be willing to put up on any manner to acquire knowledge that will boost one's status in life. There is nothing wrong with doing that in itself. We all have this capacity to form and upgrade ourselves in order to be of use to others and to society at large.

This here, then, is the catch. The knowledge that is gain or acquired must in one way or the other be able to be shared with others, besides ourselves and our families, and eventually leading to the total promotion of truth, justice and peace for all to enjoy. If such acquired knowledge simply serves oneself and demanding the entire universe to circle around one's life, it creates a utilitarian attitude that will serve no one in general and eventually degenerate to a life that hints of arrogance, pride and self-love. Remember, pride was the Devil's fall from Heaven...

Much of the miseries that we have before us in the world today happen to rise from such attitude of arrogance, pride, self love or a little of all of those. We do those things simply because we can and we use all our energy and acquired skills and knowledge to put up an agenda that promotes and serves our own personal needs and never that of our neighbour.

Knowledge is a double edge sword, indeed...


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed!! Esp secular philosophical knowledge whether as a ‘construct’ in itself or as a methodology underpinning contemporaneous (Capitalism via Pragmatism (Dewey-an)), etc) ideologies –

The Cartesian argument is explicated in ALL of secular rhetoric such as “Reality is what is thought to be by ME” (this promotes individualism and by implication the reified interests of an elitist few) -

Thus, if ‘spirituality’ is considered in the contemporaneous secular sense; it affiliates not with Catholic theological ethos/truths capable of saving and elevating (given half the chance) but with popular (consumerist) ones pandering to the “ME” theories –

Sorry!! Verbose (?) ranting above:

What I want to say is: Good post and timely reminder Father Aloy!! Clear, lucid and to the point ..


*In the mean time, you have to do what you have to do – S.T.U.D.Y!! (Haha)

**Will keep ya in prayer!!

Unknown said...

a mouthful indeed! but I got your point :-D


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