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Monday, October 06, 2008

Feeling Buoyant!

Aaahhh... one more week before my classes begin for the new academic year!

Meanwhile, the weather here has been getting colder as the weeks go by signalling the return of winter. The rains that dropped in now and again make the day a little more colder and wet! But I am not put down by all this, simply because I am now in my final year and can look forward to the day when I shall complete my tour of duty here and get to go back to Singapore later next year.

That thought has begun to bouy my spirits somewhat in a manner that I don't feel to down or burdened, say compared to the first few months when I arrived here last year of July. I have now gained a little more insight to this crazy city and able to cope with its peculiarities. Then there is this 'upgrade' that shows I am a 'senior' amongst the newbies that arrived recently and now moving into the 1st year studies. No, I don't bully them. It's just this understanding that I can help them get use to this place and acquainted to the style of living in this crazy city... :-D


alvin mark said...

Did the ladies enjoy themselves???
Remember to re-link Alife to this

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Along,
Glad to see your spirits are bouyed! Sebana awaits you... God bless, get in touch k!


Unknown said...

@alf: meet the ladies! prema really rying hard to get those Vat pics u told her to take! :-D u can get some at my flickr page, if u want!...

@u-no-hoo: can't wait for first light at the sebana... :-D


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