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Monday, September 29, 2008

Back Where I Began

I am now back and nicely sequestered in the Collegio after the summer's absence from here.

It took me these two days to unpack and tidy up my room before I can be satisfied with it being a temporary haven of home-way-from-home and a personal space I can call my own. Most of the stuff have been done up and after some back breaking moments of carrying and lifting, it's all completed.

Both the Convitto and the Collegio are different environment and setting, yet they both represent a place that allowed me to express some personal part of myself which continues to survey the journey of my faith and just how much I have responded, in kind ,to the experiences that they had brought about.

Back here at the Collegio now, I have this sense of excitement of the anticipation that points to the end of my studies come June 2009. While waiting for classes to begin, of which I'm not holding with bated breath, I am allowing the time to teach me also some patience and care. Patience to help me bear with the rigours of the studies later and for the people around, and care not to make life difficult for anyone unnecessarily, whatever that may be. Most of all, it is to be positive in all of this.

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