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Monday, September 15, 2008

All is Well...

I have been putting off, for several days now, doing an entry because I haven't found a significant thought to anchor upon, among all the other experiences that came and went during the past week.

I have been blessed with the situation of having finished my draft thesis, which went according to my summer holiday plans. That had taken some amount of thinking through and research, but the smoothness at how it all came together to form the draft I have now had been a very pleasant surprise. Right now, I have to wait for my moderator to go through it and, perhaps, it is this waiting period that can be quite an anxiety. That's because I don't really know how it will turn out.

Then there is the little political uncertainty and tension going on back in Malaysia where my family still resides. I send my brother an email to enquire if they are all well and whether they are threatened in any way by the recent happenings there. I received a reply a few days later saying that they are fine and all is as per normal. My brother is just a little miffed with the way the government is handling things. I don't blame him...

Later, I happened to flip through a daily devotional booklet which a friend passed on to me and I glanced upon an entry there that said, "Never falter, go forward so boldly, so unafraid. I am beside you to help and strengthen you. Wonders have unfolded. More still will unfold, beyond your dreams, beyond your hopes. Say 'All is well' to everything. All is well."

There's much comfort in those words. It is not so much that the words are piously devotional that make them soothing. It is more that they coincided with today's gospel's assurance that is enclosed in a statement that contains the very love of God for us and the reason why He wants to be with us. Our challenge today is simply to believe. On a wider scope of things, it also points to the call of our Holy Father who encouraged the more than 150,000 followers at mass this Sunday in the French shrine town of Lourdes to hold firm in their faith, telling them "love is stronger than evil" on the occasion of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

I know there are events and happenings occurring elsewhere all over the world, even as I write this, whose situation may be much, much worst than mine. So, I really have no cause for complaint but to be more mindful of my place in the here and now and offer a helping hand to whomever in need and whenever possible.


Young Minstrel said...

all the best in da draft... 0:)

Young Minstrel said...

natashayong needs comments and suggestions for her room *G*
here la ;p

Young Minstrel said...

alamak..just in's the full link


Elaine said...

Hi Fr. Aloy...

Im sorry for MIAing for quite long. I did mean to write to you, but been so busy for 5 weeks once semester started that I've been running from lab to lab and cutting up mouses, and having tests after tests. At long last, I've managed to have some time to breath. You hang in there too ok! U did say, "We sometimes miss the grandeur of God found and displayed in the various 'dappled' things around us...", don't miss the gradeur of His wonders in the process of the thesis writing! =P Of what God is saying to you through the writings of St. John of the Cross, St. Therese etc. =) Just wanna encourage and affirm you...I pray things are alright with ya family. Will keep you and your family in my prayers! =D

mike said...

Hallo Father,

Are you still in Rome (or close to it)?

-Michael Feng

Unknown said...

@elaine: thanks for yr prayers and encouragement! :-)

@michael: still in rome! :-D

mike said...

Goody goody! A few of my fellow Tonsurati are looking for someone to assist us in buying birettas. We're looking at the collapsible ones from Barbiconi's. They cost 30 euros apiece

Would you be able to assist us? If you have a paypal account/bank account, we could wire you the necessary funds.

Unknown said...

@michael: email me and we'll see what we can do.... :-)

Unknown said...

All is well, Fr. Aloy, when I read this writing thousands of thoughts came to my mind but I ended up saying to myself, just one thing that is "All is well".

So many things are happening right now and I read this at the right time which encourages one beyond words can describe..

Keep writing..


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