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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Progress...

Someone was wondering whether I was hard at work with my thesis, because I haven't been updating lately. Well, I was really putting some dutiful work on my thesis, but there were many other occasions when I had to put that aside and went on to do other things....

I have managed to finish up my Introduction and Chapter 1 so far and now in the midst of Chapter 2. The work that went in and continues to be put in for this 'project' can sometimes be a little too consuming on my mind that I have to take a break now and then. I mean a real break: it may mean just putting aside the thesis for a few days and coming back to it again later.

The interesting thing about going through this exercise of doing up the thesis is that, I get to read up on information about the saints' lives, which are part of this project, that made me realise just how human and down-to-earth they really are! They also possess that incredible sense of awareness that they don't belong to themselves (or to the world, for that matter) but to the One who created them and sustained them in their lives.

For instance, reading this particular book on Teresa of Avila by Cathleen Medwick, I saw how this Spanish saint had to deal with the struggles of reforms and bitter in-fighting of her day and yet able to maintain such a mystical composure that would be responsible for her authoring such spiritual classics such as 'The Interior Castle' and 'The Life of St Teresa of Avila by Herself'. St Teresa has common sense (which, today, many seem to be lacking), humour and a penchant for everyday images which are shown in her writings, but above all, she is remarkable for her analytical abilities in probing the mystery of God's workings in the soul. One must not forget that St Teresa was the first woman saint in the Church who was proclaimed Doctor of the Church (by Pope Paul VI on September 27, 1970) among the three women Doctors that we have. The other two being St Catherine of Siena and St Therese of Lisieux.

So, the progress of the thesis continues and it still has some ways to go before I am done with it. Meanwhile, the summer break has been quiet enjoyable where I get to spent my time whatever way I see fit.

"Don't imagine that, if you had a great deal of time, you would spend more of it in prayer. Get rid of that idea; it is no hindrance to prayer to spend your time well." Teresa of Avila


Anonymous said...

Fr. Aloy

Good to hear from you again. I love St. Therese's story- but at this point, I'm in a bit of a crisis faith wise.Wish I could come out of it as she did..
Today I remember fondly, Rev Fr Pierre Barthoulot (death anniversary)he was a really good confessor (sadly not too many of those around) and an overall great priest.Please remember him in your prayers. Thank you.

Unknown said...

@anon: will keep you and Fr Bathoulot in my prayers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Father,
good to hear from you... was wondering what happened to you since 17 July. I am also trying to stew my ideas for my Masters Research paper in social work and it has been i can totally empathise with your process. Hope that you are doing ok over in Rome.

Unknown said...

@olivia: halfway thru the 2nd chapter now... :-D


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