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Monday, June 30, 2008

Fried Brains

One more day left before I leave for my temporary place of stay for the summer hols. I had earlier, in the morning, sent a few more stuff there so that tomorrow I need not struggle to carry many things over apart from my bag of clothings.

Meanwhile, I am just enjoying the only period in time where I can do practically nothing and worry only about where to get the next meal for the day. :-) Of interest, I wandered over to a familiar site where I used to patronised when I once was attached to playing computer games. I saw a video of a well-known hack-and-slash game which garnered a lot of attention during the 90s when it first appeared and spawned a sequel which was equally a smash hit in the gamer's world. It now has returned with a title that is none other than Diablo III (what else?...). A sample video here is a testimony to the 'coolness' and attention-getting it continues to garner over the years. That it is being done by a world class game developer, Blizzard, gives this particular game a distinct premium.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, or perhaps it is the awfully hot weather that is slowly frying my brains away, but I could use a game like that now and hack away my frustrations away from this crazy city I am currently sequestered in! :-D

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