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Friday, May 09, 2008


Putting some thoughts here have been pretty spotty lately. I usually come back late after class and having no inspiration to pen anything after a long day at the university.

Nonetheless, life carries on around me and since the Albaredo trip, there were still some interesting items that came by to make the day above average. There was this first time where I ventured into the cinema hall with two other priests from the Collegio. We went there to watch Iron Man which was a blast to watch, literally! :-D It has been quite a while since I last saw a movie after leaving Singapore. After that show we promised ourselves to return to catch the new Indiana Jones movie. That cinema is one of the few who shows movies in their original language with Italian subtitles. So, I could really watch and understand what it's all about.

Meanwhile, signs of the semester coming to an end are very clear as the lecturers here begin to put up dates for the exams for the students to choose. I have a total of 5 oral examinations to undergo. I have already settled the dates for 3 of them. The other two will be set by next week in a similar manner. The going will be a little tough this semester with two subjects being rather heavy going and one being dependent only on our own handwritten notes...

Above all those, the most important fact that arises all these is that I shall have finished one academic year of studies and I would begin the next one as a final year student! That's a year closer (actually, slightly less than that) to being able to set my sights on returning to good 'ol Singapore!...


mumbley said...

Good luck for your exams, Fr Aloy! I just finished mine like 5 days ago and am now down with a virus! Curses!

Your pictures of your trip to Albaredo, Milan and Florence are so yum! May that day come quickly when I can finally stump up $2000 to fly to Italy without feeling like I'm tearing an arm out of me!


Young Minstrel said...

welcome back to Singapore in advance - lor ;p


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