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Sunday, May 11, 2008


To my Mum and all Mothers out there,
Happy Mothers' Day!

I am so far from all this celebration that this day would pass by unnoticed, if not for my filial perspective that I came from a family who loves me and expressed in a special way first and foremost by my mother. Hence, this post.

Far from all the usual hype and consumerist slant that come with this celebration, from where I am and what I can afford, offer prayers of thanksgiving to God for our mothers who have nourished us and brought us up to where we are today. I also ask for His blessings on this special day for all our mothers, that they continue to be every child's best friend and
models of care, like no others.

1 comment:

Young Minstrel said...

my mader say "very touching (crying eh..)
[as usual dun take it for real]

Thank you..Mother Mary loves u:) too
[take THAT for real]"


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