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Monday, May 26, 2008

Dappled Blurb

I have dappled my first book!
It's on blurb and just hot off the presses under 'Bookstore - Just Published Books' section. You can also check that out from the blurb badge on the left column of my blog and see if the preview is worth your time.

It's really amazing how all this came about which started as a request from a friend who insisted that I write or do up some sort of a book based on my blogging items. Well, I was hesitant at first, until I saw what blurb was offering. After that there was no stopping me! This foray into this sort of writing is in no way making me a professional writer of any sorts. This is to indulge into my experimentation of spreading some inspiration into people's life through whatever media worth using.

I don't expect this first book to make any sensation and I make no profit over any sales. Still, I welcome any comments that you may have over what is found there, should you buy it. I officially made an order for it myself and am waiting to see how that will come out in print!


Young Minstrel said...

what? where? i dun find any badge leh..!! confusing!!! where's yours got its own URL or not? how to find yours?!

*excited but having a bad headache due to the weather*

Unknown said...

on my blog!... the left column! just below 'Me-lah!':-D

mumbley said...

I scanned through your book! Nice!

Unknown said...

@mumbley: I don't know what I babbled there becos I did it at one go over several weeks and apart frm the spellcheck, did not give much thought to the one and only draft that was send up after I had finished with it... :-D

delphina said...

wow.. it's really nice~ love the pictures! congrats on your first book (:

Young Minstrel said...

chimalology...genius!!!..if i have a credit card i sure order a bunch and give to whom i know..first one - Fr John Wong!!! LOL..another chimalologer

i linked your book in my blog


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