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Monday, May 19, 2008

CatholiCircus #3

The last round I summed up some blogs of interest around Catholic issues, I had that during the Holy Week. This time round, during the Ordinary season, there are more reads that may perk your interest and at the same time, introduce you to some new fellas on the Catholic blogosphere.

First off, here is an insightful piece on the question of discernment and what it has to do with being 'charismatic'. If you are still wondering what it is all about, well let Catholic Analysis assist you...

I am no canonist, I'll leave it to the experts. But In the Light of the Law has made dealing with Canon Law rather a fascinating blog read where he shows the intricate workings of Church law regarding many of the current life and moral issues we encounter daily but take much for granted. There are many cases that can offer much pondering there, even if you are not directly involved in the proceedings.

I just finished my semester seminar on the topic of the Rosary. It was quite a trying topic to do as there weren't enough solid materials and references around in English to assist me and my other course mates to work. Most of the needed references were either in Italian or French. Nonetheless we managed and now all is over. *phew*. We learned some lessons along the way and grew much wiser with our understanding of the prayer beads which many Catholics come to love as the Rosary. But this report by Curt Jester on a website that deals with 'rosary' points to an utterly dumbo advert ! Check out the picture provided... *shake head*

Here's a little (shameless) plug for the Singapore Major Seminary and the seminarians that reside there as they discern their call to the priesthood. Situated all the way at Punggol, is it no wonder they named their blog Life In Kampung Punggol? They are doing what they can to contribute to the concern of promoting more vocations (together with the help of the local Serra Club) and it sure is a daunting task considering the latest statistics on the Singaporean priesthood.

Something about the 'smoke of Satan' is an interesting interview presented here at The Extraordinary Form. I sense also this unease with why our liturgy can't be followed as it should but be usurp by so called creative licenses. Perhaps two words reveal much of the problems - 'vainglory' and 'pride'...

Lastly, a little words of wisdom from my friend, over at kuntiak. So, heaven or hell? Inspired by our recent trip to Albaredo, where this was done around Lake Como.


Young Minstrel said...

blasphemy dat advert..angry beyond words..

"Go to heaven"..ha..? hee

Anonymous said...

Strange, but why is it Kampung Punggol and not Kampong Ponggol?

Unknown said...

beats me!... :-D


Anonymous said...

About the pic, actually, what's with it since some "big shots" in church are also wearing huge crucifixes around their necks? :-P

Unknown said...

which pic?...


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