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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Trying Hard Enough

A little astronomy news item caught my little eye. The story can be checked in my other blog but what caught attention is the video presentation behind this incredible project. It's what this astronomer said: "If I try hard enough, I can do anything".

I figured that this video has enough gems that show up and tell us how quick we sometimes like to give up at the first signs of any trouble or discomfort, and also how providence always works in unexpected ways and using person or persons who may not necessary be famous or prominent. All it takes is what this person said: "I don't how to do it, but I'll figure it out".

I know of a person who was beatified recently who said something along this similar lines and changed the world with her outlook and care for the poor which many had earlier said was fool hardy...

Another incredible piece of news item is a little closer up my alley. Somewhere in Rome at the La Sapienza University, the Pope's scheduled speech has been cancelled. The full story is here. I find this whole incident utterly bizarre (especially about those protesting) and I wonder if it had to do with an earlier effect reported here (which is equally mind-numbing!) . Since this IS Rome, I'm suspending all disbelieve, for now, as some Romans in the intellectual field or in the civil service are possibly good candidates for brain surgery!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Fr. Aloysius, have passed on info to friends. and your opinion is vary accurate indeed.and I,ve found that it is not limited to just Intellectuals in Rome,but there are other pockets of "self-centered ones" in Scientific community here as well.


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