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Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Down!

Today, the College celebrates it's anniversary of its patron saint, Paul.

Got up today to attend Morning prayers (Lauds, Lodi in Italian) and was a little lost with the flow of the celebration as I couldn't figure out where the usage of the antiphons and the readings were coming from. It was Solemn Lauds, by the way, with incensing and a short and succint homily. But it was confusing for me because they never announced precisely which portion of the prayers and readings they were using. I had spent some time earlier assuming and prepared myself for the Common of Apostles (solely for Paul) or the feast of Peter and Paul. In the end, it was all strange and mindbending because they may also include some others from today's actual feast of Timothy and Titus! In the end, I didn't really know what we were praying about :-P Gaaah!...

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent doing my best with revision and catching up with much studywork for the exams that will start (at least for myself) next week. So, if you are able or have some free time, do pray for my attempts at these dates and times, that they go reasonably well (or, at least, that I don't get a total memory loss that I forget even my name!) :

30 Jan - Encountering the Christian East (11.10 am)
5 Feb - Canon Law: Consecrated Life (11.20 am)
8 Feb - Christian Anthropology (5.40 pm)
12 Feb - History of Spirituality Pt 1 (10.40 am)
14 Feb - Theology of Lay Spirituality (3.40 pm)

Yup, that's 5 subjects to be tested on and all in oral. :-P

So, I have now managed to finish one semester already and survived a little over 6 months here in this crazy place. Survived as in managed to overcome extreme irritants of Rome's weather, postal service, language and culture, plus the College's food and activities. Another 3 semesters to go and I should be able to make my way back to sanity and the Singaporean food!...


Petey said...

Three semesters seems like an eternity. All the best for your examinations... I've never been so intimidated by the thought of an ORAL test, let alone 5 in two weeks.

Che Dio la benedica, padre!

Unknown said...

so, you can understand why I want this 'nightmare' to quickly finish its course... :-)

Anonymous said...

Easier for the examiners if it's an oral test! Imagine having to pour over X number of scripts with incoherent answers, and having to moderate the results at the end of it all! Horror! (But then again, them examiners can always treat it as their Lenten penance.)


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