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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reality Check Pt 2: Sciopero

We had a nationwide transportation strike today. The Italian word for 'strike' is sciopero.

Here is an information from this site that sort of explain the predicament here:
And so there is a transport strike in Italy... most Italians would comment: "Where is the news?". Strikes have nowadays become part of our culture and way of life. Not that Italians are happy with strikes but, as with most other things "ci arrangiamo" (we do the best we can).

For you, as a traveler to Italy, it might be important to be aware of any transportation limitations that might affect your trip. We will post to this web page any strike information that we have. Bookmark this page and visit it often... if you are getting ready for Italy you must learn how "arrangiarti"!

I like this particular bit, the last three words of this paragraph that is:
Note: the fact that a number of workers are on strike does not mean that you are necessarily grounded. Call the reservation office where you bought the tickets to obtain detailed information. Often only workers from a specific labor union within a company will go on strike, and thus you might not be affected at all. Crazy Italians, huh?

That's what I have been feeling all this while about Rome, in particular, and Italy, in general: Crazy Italians! Their sciopero usually are done in such a way that it falls on a Friday. That's fortunate for me (whew!) because I don't have any classes on those days. Most other fathers here who have the unfortunate moment to face this 'sciopero' during their lesson days will have to literally walk to the university and back! Poor fellows! ;-)

You do this in Singapore, you end up in a 4 by 4 with a little window for sunlight and a washbasin by the wall. Here, you just use alternative transportation. Me, I would take a day off! :-D

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