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Sunday, September 30, 2007


An fascinating story here caught my eye...

Every once in a while, there will be times when anyone of us, myself included, will question the very foundation of our faith - God Himself. This is normal as we are all continually besetted by various ideas, desires, philosophies, theologies, etc that would want to put us in total control of our own destinies. A cursory glance at the news feed here will show you just how much we desire and even overvalue those things.

Perhaps, you will find your own answers to this perennial problem of our existence. Me, I still remain where I am, simply because there aren't any other alternatives which truly show the way for living as what I possess now.

It's a Sunday morning (11.05 am) with the sun shining outside. Where do you want to go today?... ;-)

1 comment:

Young Minstrel said...

as usual the Pope looks as small as always..wah biang..OF COURSE EVERYTHING U DO LA!!! MUST END CREDITS MEH!!!!


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