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Friday, July 27, 2007

One Month Already?

Another week is about to end soon and I am still struggling with the intricacies of the Italian language. :-P

By next week, we would have done just about 1 month of stay here in this Villa and, more specifically, in the town of Terni. Next week, too, on Monday, we would be having a 'minor' test to ascertain our progress. For me, no test is 'minor'! It's a great way to give yourself a headache and a mild fit...

Meanwhile, we have been put into groups and send out to the parishes on Sundays to mingle with the townsfolk and concelebrate mass there. Last Sunday, I partnered with my fellow brother priest from the Ivory Coast and went with a family for lunch at their home. We have a roaring good time there with pasta, pork, tomatoes, vegetables, rock melon, wine, limoncello, grappa, beer and coffee! Among all these also was the conversation in Italian, at least those that we can muster and use.

It is a family of 5 of whom three were present. Of the parents, the mother can speak a little English, though her French is somewhat better. She also paints. The father is a true-blue Italian, while their youngest daughter speaks Italian and has learned German and English in school. She is waiting to enter a university in Rome to learn, of all things, Chinese and Russian! Her two other siblings were away. One is working as a nurse and the other is a nuclear physicist. Very interesting family here!

This Saturday, we will be going on an excursion to Assisi. I am looking forward to that and hope to get some pictures to add to the collection.


Petey said...

Ah! Assisi!

Do enjoy! I hear it's a breathtaking place.

Unknown said...

Hello Father! What an adventure in Rome. Do write more! Btw, Sebastian arrived 5th May and getting baptised on 5th Aug. We r tired but happy parents.


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