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Friday, June 29, 2007

Four Years Already!

This morning we celebrated the Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul. With that celebration I have now officially seen through 4 years of priestly life and with some indefinite number of years ahead that I know not what it will tell... :-)

One thing I do know is that staying in Rome and learning to speak Italian can be very fascinatingly frustrating! :-D First, you have to get use to their system of work and attitude here. They seem to be very laisse faire about all this and you cannot hurry them. Everything in Singapore works and you can get what you want quickly and efficiently. Here - well - you need to take a deep breath most of the time and pray you have patience before you can see anything happening. The strangest thing is that these Italians are proud of this! *shake head*

Nonetheless, the staff and formators here have been very accomodating and helpful and always want to make the stay here as comfortable as possible. So, it's ok... :-)

To all who have commented, thank you for your greetings and I seem to detect that there is a slight movement towards 'parlare italiano'. Yes, we'll see how we can have some fun with that. At least I will, from next week onwards, when I find myself in Terni for the next three months. For now, I am following the Mass and Office in Italian with the rest of the residents here, making some head and tail to what is going on... :-P

Meanwhile, you may want to check out the pics on flickr for the latest shots of the place of my stay.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Anniversary, will remember to pray for you especially today! Still remember how we had to go especially early to practice for your ordination, but it was a great joy and privilege to be part of the choir. May God continue to guide and bless you in your priesthood.

mumbley said...

Happy Ordination Anniversary! The photos of your college loook lovely! How does one say 'lovely' in Italian?

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th anniversary, Father!

Keeping you in prayers and you can be assured that HE will continue to direct you to where he wants you to be :)

Anonymous said...

lovely - bella (fem. ), bello (masc.)

as in 'bellissima'


mumbley said...

thanks! grazie! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Father Aloysius! Your blog is nice n very enjoyable. Thanks n pls keep it up.
I have been looking for Catholic blog now i finally found them Praise the Lord.
Well pls keep writing here ok i believe you will have more fans coming to your blog. Have a nice study time in Roman but pls dont forget us in Singapore there are lots of youth needing you all around. I m not young but i have a 15 years old son who love bloging but too bad nobody accepts i read his blog. Pls help me to pray for him. He is an altar boy for the pass 6 years n still serving. There was time he ask me if he can be a priest but now things seems to change his feeling to be one. Hope you can pray for him that the Lord will be his light. Anyway his name is Mitch.
God Bless!


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