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Monday, May 21, 2007

Get Up and Go #2

All my bags are packed and ready to go... (Leaving On A Jet Plane, John Denver)

Well, actually, not yet... :-P

It has been a rather stressful 2 weeks or so since my last writeup when I was preparing to get up and go for my studies in Rome. I started off Operation Get-Up-n-Go but that has been moving on very slowly and now has stalled a little. This was due to other parish work that came along the way and farewell appointments that took much of the time away from packing. But I still manage to get some going and have put those already processed into the boxes/cartons. You can assess the situation for yourselves with this flickr set here.

Meanwhile, it has been very heartwarming hearing from all who have sent in their best wishes and greetings on my impending trip to Rome and mentioning how this blog have been points of inspiration to them. This is exactly what I had set out to do when I first created Life Crosses with the tag line above stating about shared inspirations. :-)

It has been a good four and a half years here at Holy Family and there will certainly be a lot that I will miss, despite my ambivalence about this whole studies affair and the transfer. Still, good things don't usually last forever and we all have to move on to other things in life to conquer...

Just hope I am still sane enough to be there to see them through! ;-)


Young Minstrel said...

Annoysious..very fonnie Paps..

Anonymous said...

U sound sane enough to me. haha

Natasha Yong said...

Will be praying for you when you're gone... keep in touch in cyberspace.

mumbley said...

Good luck, Fr Aloy! Will prob swing by to see you some time before you leave to ask another of those questions I always seem to have for you. Happy packing! :)


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