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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Zhu1 Jiao3 ? Zhu3 Jiao4 ?

Looking back at all the Mandarin Masses I have celebrated thus far, I can't help but feel extremely and profoundly humbled by the fact that I could actually conduct such an occasion. Really!

I came from a Malaysian education background where Bahasa Malaysia was the first (national) language with English second and all others as being 'people's own language' (whatever that means). So, obviously my basic grasp of Mandarin is as good as climbing up a greasy pole. Yet, today, I managed to clear through the Mandarin Masses here, with the help of the Hanyu Pinyin, with 'challenging ease'. Though I still struggle with the preparations that I need to go through, usually about 2 weeks before the Mass date, mostly I come out from all these a little more awed and with some measure of relief. ;-)

I don't usually have much problems with celebrating the Mandarin Masses now but I do have this fear at the back of my mind always of having mispronounced some Chinese characters wrongly that may come out to the congregation as another word or phrase which may change the entire meaning or flavour to the celebration.

But what's life without these little 'misdemeanours'? :-D

(*zhu1 jiao3 - pig's thigh/trotters, zhu3 jiao4 - bishop)

1 comment:

ylo said...

"challenging ease"? How oxymoronic! :)

Such little "misdemeanours" shouldn't make you lose your hair (re: your doodling), ya? :D


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