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Monday, July 24, 2006

Chosen and Set Apart...

I had a refreshing break last week when I went for our Annual Priests' Retreat over at Punggol Seminary for five and a half days.

It was one of those rare moments, where we get to do nothing outstanding but to listen, rest and relax in the company of the Lord whose retreat master He had chosen to speak to us. The theme being 'Set Apart For the Gospel of God', it was an enlightening week of rediscovering the relevancy of our ministry and what more we, as priests, can do to put forth the Word of God as as potent evangelising force in the world today.

The week was a reminder of our responsibilities, as bearers of the Good News, to lead and form the people of God towards a better appreciation of allowing God to work in our lives. Thought the retreat master is a eminent bible scholar, Fr Lucien Legrand, and that he took the verse from Romans 1: 1 as the theme, it wasn't all out scripture. There was still this need to realise and put into practical terms of entering into this dynamism of God's plan.

It will mean to see to our relationship to and with one another, the constant willingness to emptying of oneself in sacrifice, the daily practice of compassion and understanding, essentially the need to be open to all levels of letting go of one's comfort zone. Not easy, but crucial in the life of a Christian.

Now that I am manning the fort at Holy Family this week, all on my own, while Fr Pat and Chris are away for their retreat, it would seem my comfort zone is already being put to the test! ;-)

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