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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Looking Ahead In Gratitude

OK, I am back!

It had been rather difficult to write anything earlier because the amount of pending and new pastoral work and others quickly found its way into my schedule and I was caught in the thick of it all, rushing from one place to another, doing this and that. :P

But first, my pilgrimage was an enriching success. I had set out to reach to two places of utmost interest to me - Santiago (of Compostella) and Mont St Michel. Second, I gained spiritual strength, renewal and appreciation of all that my faith and ministry represented. This was despite the dynamics of the group's relations with one another which was not necessarily a smooth one. Through it all, despite the irritants, we all came renewed and more aware of our inner selves and motives. Whether we want to do anything about them or not, is another matter.

Over the past week since my return, things were stirred up rather 'dramatically' with the hospitalization of my uncle and the sudden death of an old friend (whose funeral I celebrated). My uncle is recuperating now (praise God!) and Leslie, my friend from the university days, have been properly laid to rest. I remember that during a Mass which I celebrated with our group in the crypt beneath the Cathedral dedicated to St Theresa of the Child Jesus, I said that places like these remind us strongly of our mortality and therefore not to take things or life for granted. I had to reecho that during my homily for All Souls' yesterday (2 Nov). As such, my uncle's brush with death and my friend's demise is a sombre reminder that no matter how great of incredible the human mind, endeavour and spirit may be, when faced with the inevitable end, all bets are off.

Now that I have been through two pilgrimages, one in 1995 to the Holy Land and this one to Europe, I feel I have fulfilled a dream to reach out to all those places that speak about my vocation and life in such manner that I don't have to feel inadequate about my ministry or be doubtful that God is continuing His work in the world today.

obrigado! gracias! merci!
(pics will follow soon...)


Jude Gal said...

Dear Fr Aloy,

Yr Blog has touched me a lot abt LIFE.......i suppose it is oso becoz i had a "narrow escape" frm death.

Many Thks to Mther Mary for yr kind intercession. Minutes away from hosptal still managed to hopby to visit u with my parents praying as well (esp mum a/f so many yrs). and Many Thks to Frs who visited me in hosptal - Last Rites and Communon. Not forgetting those who kept me SANE not Saint throughout my illness - told me not to give up the fight.

Jude Gal said...

Happie Birthdae to U !!!

1 yr older huh? Wat's yr birthdae wish?


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