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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Questions, questions

It is a wet and drizzly day. :P

In the midst of my day-off, I still get to do some administrative stuff that just doesn't want to go away. One wonders if such stuff I put up with actually contribute to anything that can be called as ministerial or pastoral initiatives. *sigh*

Recently, I received a rather surprising request from the catechists who are teaching the Pri 4 children. They have collated a series of questions which the children have come up and gave them to me to be answered as it has lots of bearings on the life of a priest and vocations.

So here goes, selected ones that is:
a. Why did you become a priest? Why are there such things as priests?
Tough one! If I have to relate my life/vocation story here, it will take the whole entry to tomorrow to complete. Check it out at this old site of mine here for a brief rundown of how I came to be who I am today. As for the existence of priests, well, that because Jesus had to continue his mission here and called upon his apostles to carry on. Through them and subsequently their predecessors (those followers after them) we have what the Church as we see it today. Priests also act as spiritual leaders in the faithful community together with the bishops to build up the people and help each other to continue to live out the faith in today's settings.

b. What are your hobbies?
Roller blading, reading, guitar, movies, softball, volleyball, badminton, squash.

c. What is your favourite food?
Babi pongteh, Indian curries, rasam, chicken rice, devil's curry. :)

d. Do priests play games?
Why not? I play squash on and off and also roller blade for recreation purposes

e. Do you gamble?
Hmmm... that thought always come to mind. If it is about casino, Toto, 4D, Lottery, etc. then NO. Don't find these worth wasting money and time on - really. Have seen and heard of many who have been burned and lives destroyed because of love for this sort of money grabbing/making attitude. If it is about taking risks concerning the need to grow towards a better living and walking with Christ, then there have been many occasions where I gamble my comfort zone for a future that is not necessarily clear or even stable for my liking.

e. Do you get angry?
Lots of time! Only thing is I don't show it. I feel sometimes as if I am clearing up other people's problem. But my priesthood demands that I must be compassionate and my heavenly Father is compassionate. So, I don't waste my time getting all hot up over all these. I practice simple breathing exercises to expel these irritants. It helps. Try it!

The drizzle outside seems to be clearing now and I think I can go out and catch a breeze or two after staying in for this long. The world beckons!


Anonymous said...

Dear Fr Alloy,

Thanks for sharing your life in its daily routines, struggles and graces. Its very comforting to know that priests are humans too! As a member of our church, I want to thank you for following His call and for your gentle presence, calm, sincerity and simple trust which comes across in Spirit when you celebrate mass and during your homilies. Most of all thanks for loving God, otherwise you wouldn't be where you are today, nurturing the life of God's people (including me) in the mundane and the sacred. You go, Fr Alloy! And keep rollerblading, it brings out the colour in your cheeks!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Thank You from my heart. Ya, better learn from you to breathe properly. You teach me PATIENCE & being a good listening ear to my clients oso being there for me.

Luckily the kids didn't ask you you got GALFREN or not...........

You don't show when you get angry? helo, dun bluff lah, PSI Level goes up. Got burning smell wan. Yucks my nose........Your face sibeh black.

All babi you survive on fridaes???
you sure or not - mama curries???

i will also ask you how you feel being a TOYSHOP OWNER? with LOR, SW..........sum1 calls it "Market not open yet??? - tat naugti fellow getting ordained 28th aug.

No homily for u 2nte coz juz cme back. but finished quite early 910pm - on way home, so tired didn't go over to pray never mind pray from window. 2mw nte CHINA IMPORT..........homily.

I don't know how you can be on yr computer whole day, i whole day on computer 2dae at work - like sinsus time to rest my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Ok, go read yr email - China Import homily........2nte's.
"Come back to me those who are heavy burden and i will give you rest"............Fr John Chia - CCD or CDD (watever) oso concelebrated.

Anonymous said...

2nte's mass ended around 9plus, sum1 got TOOTHACHE still managed to preach so long 40mins,i was in laffing fits. RA & JB suaning each funnie. RA said u toothache still so long yr homily - longest nvena, when sum1 says SHORT HOMILY Trust Him??? JB oso suan him lah in malay damn funnie , going holycross..........who bully who now??? heehee.........

anyway JB teaches sarcement of marriage in seminary.........

*read yr email.

Anonymous said...

2mw nite is Fr SP. not Stanley Pang, helo...........

RA say if JB no toothache he went to pull out tooth he be full strength then mass be longer. very suaning........China Import was laffing away.


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