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Monday, May 09, 2005

Help! Star Wars Mania!

The excitement of the coming Star Wars 3 movie is overwhelming my sensibilities. I grew up with that space opera since 1976 and because of The Empire Strikes Back (and what a great influence it was for me!) I ended up here in Singapore. That was because, it gave me the impetus for studying Computer Science which I did in NUS, oh so many, many , many moons ago.

Now as it is only 9 days away before I get to go and see the final instalment (or is it?...) of the Star Wars movie on big screen, there has been a deluge of merchandise and games that are promoting once again the Star Wars universe, that I can't help but get all taken in by it all.

Right now, I am contemplating whether to get Knights of the Old Republic 2 or Republic Commando, both PC games from the Star Wars universe. While waiting for the Star Wars fix, soon to come, I thought I could sustain the excitement with my so-so casual gaming enthusiasm in them.

Strong is the force in this one!


*s*haron said...

When I can't decide between one or the other, and if they're something that I like, I'll get both. Will not spend the rest of eternity "'contemplating'" *ahem* on trivial issues. *grin*

John Ho said...

You are showing your age, Fr.

Aloysius said...

dat good or bad, John? *grin*


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