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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

On Leave VI: KLCC

I never fail to shake my head in resignation everytime I come home to Malaysia and see the type of incompetencies that still abound despite the growth and development which it had enjoyed over these past 20 - 25 years.

Went down to KLCC (Twin Towers) with the kids along with my brother Alan and my dad. Drove to the Bt Jalil Sports Complexs and parked thd car there and took the LRT to the city. I realised that the LRT service is not an integrated line as there are three other operators running the LRT, albeit in three different routes. So, when we had to change trains, we also had to pay equal number of times to board and to move out to different stations! *Sheesh* All these stations are atrociously handicapped unfriendly. No sloping walkways for those on wheelchairs and even if there were any it weren't found in all stations and if found in one, these walkways eventually ended up with levels that use stairs, leaving these people stranded! *tsk, tsk*

Nonetheless, enjoyed the outing to the KLCC complex and the visit to the Kinokuniya bookstore there. But the prices of books there are rather expensive! Paperbacks at a minimum of RM30- RM40 and I wonder how an average M'sian can really enjoy getting to reading anything!

The rains came as we headed off home, making it once again a wet one and with promises of the same in days ahead.


*s*haron said...

Did you happen to see a ToysRUs at KLCC? Or Mid Valley if you've been there? Been asking around cos it's not listed in the ToysRUs website. They've got cool stuff there which the local ToysRUs don't, from what I heard.

Anonymous said...

don't recall seeing ToysRUs while at KLCC but may go over to MidValley later to check it out...


*s*haron said...

Chk out if Wave 3 is there already, if you happen to go by a ToysRUs. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me TOYSHOP Owner going see TOYS. Can I have a DOLL PSE WITH DRESS?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to Fr. Aloy

Happy Birthday to You.

Zhu Ni Sheng Ri Kuai Le


May the Lord bless you with endless joy and happiness, with good health, and His Spirit guide you everyday in your life.

best regards.

Z & S

Anonymous said...

Next YEAR your BIRTHDAY PRESENT shall be "Hair Dye" for u, color yr hair. heard tat 2day oso fr sitaram's birthday. Happy Birthday to both of U !


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