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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Back To The Grind

Am back in 'action' after the two weeks' leave. Much needed rest and relaxation taken and thankful for, not to mention making reconnections with the family members and my nephews.

It has been two days already since I got back and I had been swamped by phonecalls and requests to do this and that, that I am already in a daze! I almost didn't know where to start even! These calls and people coming to see me came by the waves, one after the other.

It's as though with turning 40, the action just got ramped up to hyperspeed. Speaking of hyperspeed, Episode III of Star Wars teaser trailer is out and it rawks! The circle completes with Anakin becoming Vader and the putting on of that costume and breathing apparatus...

Meanwhile, thank you to all who sent in their birthday greetings and wishes. I appreciate the gesture. Now, let me just see through this year first without too much of a problem!


Holy Drummer said...

Goodness Gracious?!

I actually forgot your birthday. =X

Luckily your leave was due only at the end of the weekend - you won't wanna know how busy one could get during that weekend...

Bah~! Anyway - Happy belated 40~!

Anonymous said...

Was tinkg on the BUS juz now, tomorrow's am mass is 830am NO THKS, Daddy was juz asking me "wat u going do 2mw?" i say "Sleep-In". i will attend mass in MY DREAMS. i really need the SLEEP.

michael said...

Father! I've been reading your past entries and although it explicitly states that you had your never crossed my mind for some reason to actually wish you a happy here's a very belated wish! happy birthday and ad multos annos!on a totally unrelated note...i'll be finally coming home this sat nite. i ask for your prayers for a safe flight! cheers!

Aloysius said...

safe flight it is then, my boy! dropping by my humble place of work for a cuppa?...

michael said...

It would be my honour, padre!


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