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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Second Chances

We remember, three years ago, the towers.

Today have we learned anything? When I look at the readings for the weekend - 24 Sunday of Ordinary Times - there, they present to us a timely response that all of us need to consider if we want to proceed in life on a more peaceful footing: reconciliation.

At the first act of provocation, we are rather quick to react in anger and sometimes resort to some form of force that throws up further hatred and violence. Which is why the action of the current PM of Malaysia goes a long way to bringing about true reconciliation and establishing peace. The smile of relief of Anwar's face as he steps out from his imprisonment, released by PM Abdullah Badawi, can say many things but one of them is certainly got to do with the words 'second chance'.

And so, with this date that brings back many dark memories of pain and senseless loss of lives, we are once again asked to seriously ponder if we really want reconciliation. It is not going to be easy, but we need second chances if we are to make good our calling in today's fallen world to bring about harmony we so greatly need!


Jude Gal said...

Z u TAKE CARE, ok? i noe u can "survive" through 2mw & NEXT WEEK. least u ONE STEP AHEAD frm me. Go Forward & dun look back. God Bless.

Holy Drummer said...

I have to admit though -

At the first glance of that picture, I thought you both had a STRIKING resemblence to each other!!!


Malaysia "Boleh!"

Anonymous said...

haha... i din realise it, but yea.. i think the specs caused the resemblence? ;) ... but it's true how apparently, we find so hard to forgive and give pple second chances...

mike said...

I didn't mean any insult to your vocation by that post Father. =] I just thought it was a cool scene. Btw, Fr Finn stayed faithful to the priesthood at the end of the show. He actually became a happier priest!

Unknown said...

no prob Michael, no offence taken. I know that somehow that's what happened to Fr Finn in the end. 'tis encouraging!

Jude Gal said...

Z, Survived yestday rite? One more wk oni lah, u can make it.

The "Ghosts" are going back 2nte.

juz now thought of cmg by HFC to PRAY........drained and tired lah, monday blues.

reading NEWPAPER, Front Cover - Manny's mum is catholic, can see her in coffin holding on2 a rosary........silver in color oso got 'Crufix stand'. Pse when i die i dun want to hold on2 any rosary later go upstairs or whereever EVERYDAY MUZ PRAY "hail mary". heehee........

this am on NEL met sum1, had to tell mself COOLDWN if not Chestpain. invited me out whenever i FREE, i should ve said i VERY THE EXPENSIVE. wasn't feeling good abt it. Y did i leave a bit later 2day frm HOME? anyway i noe wasn't feeling well the whole morning a/f meeting sum1. i was tinkg wat happend if i had walked to "Paradise" it would have been worse - Fr Aloy, huh? worse still my painkillers were running out. lunchtme went to a "Certain hospital" to collect my painkillers maybe looking like 'one of those - white pale looking ghost" again, told taxidrver to drp me off A & E coz medcial centre side was jammed. reached entrance, due to a "little gal - her name Manny" all the crew (media) were sittg outsde the pavement - hanging around on the pavement, coz the lobby was taken up by patients & guests. at A & E, even the BELLBOY oso had his duties to be done. Can't blame them, media were there for the latest scoop or beat report and Bellboy oso had his duties to be carried out, each individual professnal had their own work to be done. bellboy was like paving way for me, i was like? helo, it's ok, i am ok.......... i need to get to medical centre. tink must be my pale looking face (wearing winter wear summore) suited A & E, he thought i wanted to go A & E or upstairs the wards. on way back was tinkg little gal - Manny is fightg for her life upstairs CCU (mgt be paralysed), & here u have media pple hanging around waiting for the newest updates. it's their job. and abt her "2 fathers" coz of tangled love life of mum - Newpaper. Little Manny could be Catholic??? since her mum is. Thought juz cme into my mind since Newpaper cover her mummie in coffin holding silver rosary. Fr Aloy, 2mw mass if u celebrate i leave it to u - u noe wat i mean lah, Soul of Manny's mum and Manny recovery. Thks, i dun noe maybe coz of wat i saw this afnoon at the hosptial made me blog abt this. Pray tat little Manny will recover.

i am ok, just need to have a early nte...........Hospital Plans for Kids 2day selling better, least parents are asking for them.

May the Faithful Departed RIP.

Jude Gal said...

Sorrie, Fr Aloy, i dun feel OK, i feel so sad for the "Little Gal - Manny". she is oni 5 yr old. forget abt her "2 fathers" going to fight over her custody but the wounds on her body & trauma she going through (operations she has to go through).
Spolitbrat is getting very emotional..........

Come on Drummer, u dun forget fr aloy and the guy in pix both cme frm sama country............different states oni wat. same look not surprised. i wanted to blog tat day but didn't have guts. hahaha........good for u - being observant.

Jude Gal said...

Spolitbrat did her PPC HOMEWORK liao............even though She's not attending. Count me out, the timing on a sunday a.fnoon u should jollywell noe wat i do at tat timing..............

Fr Aloy, PSE NOTE IT IS 2DAY'S STRAITS TMES 13TH Sept 2004 (Monday)

HOME Section Page 4, WOO THE STORK ...........and oso HELPING UNWED MUMS TO FLY SOLO.

Fr Aloy maybe u like to READ THE ARTICLES it mgt assist with the PPC Questions as noeing u U READ ONI "YR INTERESTS" Kind of "Articles", actually not even articles. heehee........Spolitbrat mgt be Spoiltbrat but least she READS HER PAPERS.

I REST MY CASE. (If got anymore articles related in NEWSPAPERS) Let u noe lor.

Anonymous said...

yeah...survived to survive next week...

Z from SFX

Let me give Fr Aloy some nightmare 1st...


?? ??? ?
1. ????????
2. ???
3. ???
????????????????? ???????? (????)
?????????????????????????????? (??)?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
4. ?????
5. ??????????????
6. ???

Enuff for now :P

Anonymous said...

How come cannot read my chinese characters one?



Jude Gal said...

Helo Wat Chnese Character is tat? can wan lah, NEXT WK. fr aloy won't have ntemare wan, maybe U yrself. heehee........OVER & DONE WITH Lah !
i suppse u NJOYED YRSELF huh on sunday? heehee.....need me zis coming sunday?

haze is back. noticed got smell........

Fr Aloy, hahaha, got good news for u NEXT WK. heehee..........the "2 LITTLE MOUSES FRM SENGKANG" will come out and PLAY. heehee........


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