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Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Time Given to Us

Ye utuvienyes!
*I have found it!*

There is something awesome that always exude from the pages of the JRR Tolkien's trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. I've been wanting to say something on this but never gotten the words to put it into black and white till this evening. Meanwhile I was debating whether or not to put my thoughts down and through it all the 'voices' from the trilogy plagued by mind to no end.

It all began when I finally succumbed to the temptation of getting the DVD movie of the Return of the King as I grudgingly bought the theatrical version of it instead of waiting patiently for the DVD box set to make its appearance in November (which I am still going to purchase when it is out). The first thing I did was to go throught the featurettes which includes the making of the movie. After finishing viewing some of them just now, I was left with a feeling of having my whole emotional backdrop of my life churned upside down.

It was a feeling of experiencing my own life journey not too far from that of the epic story. There was a sense of uncertainty that initially began with the fear that all is not 'quite right'. This leads to the need of traversing a series of tasks that are constantly uphill and sometimes feels like an impossibility. I had to deal with emotions that range from fear, unease, loathing to enlightenement, peace, deep joy and serenity. There are areas where hatred clashes with love and friendship, greed with selflessness, cowardice with courage and fortitude. These are areas which I continue to struggle with even today.

It's no wonder then that I never tire in bringing Middle Earth into the very realm of reality of my day-to-day life whenever possible. This is not a running away from the truth of life as we see it in the now but actually a face-to-face with ourselves and where we are in all of these in our lifetime. "All we have to decide is what to do with the time given to us," so says Gandalf in the Mines of Moria. Accompanyng this is the magnificient score of the movie by Howard Shore which acutely depicts all the pathways of emotion which this story evokes. The soundtrack probes the very psyche of a person as we encounter our very own fears and goodness that we potentially possess.

It is no wonder that a friend of mine, having to face a difficult point of his life, found solace and enlightenment through this trilogy that he could bear the burden of bitterness and the dark he found himself in and walked out of all these, bit by bit into the light that hope brings. There is a need to get in touch with the real things in life and not take things for granted. Life that is truly good and pure, that has to sit side by side with the brokeness of the world.

Such is the power of this story. It actually carries a powerful message of hope - a fool's hope, to be more precise. Because it is a hope that cares nothing for human thinking and therefore untouched by uncertainties. It only knows one thing - ultimately all will be well.

Peter Jackson and his dedicated team for this epic trilogy of a movie did something extremely priceless that perhaps no other movie crew could ever do in translating Tolkien's vision of hope and courage in the midst of seemingly impossible odds and doom. They, together with Tolkien, have put down in history a story that encapsulates, perhaps, the very essence of human struggles for seeking a meaning of life and where all these are taking us.

It has been the last hour since I started on this blog. Another 20 minutes to decide what title to give flavour to this entry. Deep down inside, I know that we all constantly dream of or wanting to be heroes. But Galadriel rightly puts it: "Even the smallest person can cause the change of the future." All of us are heroes in our own right, provided we continue to fight for truth and justice and never let evil bring us down. Let's make this life worth living for. Namarie!

Auta i lome!
Aure entuluva!
*The night is passing!
Day shall come again!*

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