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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Change of Scenery
It's been two days since I shifted downstairs. It has been manageable so far and I do appreciate the wider space that is given for use. Though it was necessity that saw me coming downstairs and also the preference of my parish priest that my presence downstairs be more prominent, I still feel a little unease that my brother priest who previously occupied this office had to go upstairs where my former office was. No doubt he is getting on in years and is semi-retired and looks after the Mandarin community, he is still needed in some other ways downstairs. But due to lack of floor space and other practicalities, he has to give way and hence my new placement.

Today also saw me handing over the Catechists group, which I was looking after, to Fr Augustine. I did that symbolically by giving him the key of the Catechist office during the Catechists' recollection this afternoon. I did this with some sadness and relieve. Sad, that I had to leave an interesting (and challenging) group of people whom I had the privilege to work with that really stretched my capabilities to the limit. Relieve, that I am now freer to concentrate more meaningfully on more important matters like RCIA, which is now requiring my main attention.

Tomorrow is another day and I have to prepare for infant baptisms catering to 14 babies. With days like all these, you don't need any rollercoaster ride to have your heart tossing around your chest and your hair flung all over the place!

Pax et bonum!

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