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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Of Food, Friends and Chicken Wings...
Last Friday, being the Deepavali (Diwali?) holiday took the opportunity to go sporty and casual at the West Coast Park for some food, sun, fun and games. A group of us from the graduating class of the September Asiaworks Basic training Workshop got together and heade down to that area for a get-together. There were lots of food and I had a go at a game of 'modified' softball. We didn't have any gloves, we had to use a softer ball and the game essentially turned out to be like rounders! Hadn't played the real softball game in years and I was waiting for this day to get reacquainted with it. Had a fun time running round the bases and/or catching 'fly-balls'. During the break (I was panting away and gulping Yeo's drinks after drinks...) one of them, a young lady (she hails from China and works as a software developer in a French IT firm), asked me what I do for a living and I told her that I was a priest.

She asked if I was that kind of priest that cannot marry and I told her, yes. Several of our friends nearby who happened to be Catholic tried to explain to her what was the rational for this and I could see that she was disappointed, or was it puzzled? I can't tell. But it was an interesting experience to see how people react to this kind of situation when they try to make some sense of it...

Yesterday was my outing with the 28'ers Club. We meet for dinner every 28th day of the month. Last night we headed down to Jerry's (BBQ and Grill restaurant) at the Jalan Kayu outlet. Had a stomachful of meat, sausage and grilled items that went down with a pina colada. I did not have lunch earlier so the food was a welcome sight! I had to doggy-bagged three pieces of fried chicken wings after that...

Today I had to make a trip to ROM to get my license to solemnize marriages from the Deputy Registrar of Marriages. Frs Stanley and Joe Nathan were also there to receive theirs. We spend an hour plus undergoing an induction session, together with a pastor of an independent church and an Indian representative from an Hindu association. Later went to the Bt Merah hawker center for lunch and I sampled their famous fish soup item there.

Later this evening someone finished the chicken wings. Not me!

It has been a gastronomical week!

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