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Friday, July 11, 2003

Climbed Mt Carmel
It is with great awe and gratitude that I blog this done for a wonderful experience yesterday (Thursday, 10 July) when I celebrated my first Mass with the Carmelite sisters in their monastery yesterday evening. The celebration went well and the only glitch was when I missed several pages of the sacramentary and had to fumble through before finding the right page to continue during the consecration.

After that I had my meal there, alone, as is the case. But after that when I met up with them in the big parlour, they behind the grille, that's when the fun began... They were so animated and full of curiosity and wonderment of my life and what I had been doing all this while. Shared and spend some time with them talking and found out that they are rather a tech savvy bunch of sorts. Most of them seemed of the younger generation and only a handful older sisters. Still they were a fun lot to chat with. They have the capability to know what is happening in the world in spite of their cloistered life. There were a few things which I myself weren't aware that they had the pleasure of informing me.

BTW, they are in need of a computer to help them in their work. So if any one out there who can spare a good system do contact the Carmelite Monastery. When I mean a good system, at least a P3 and not some dusty old model that requires a key to crank the system. How would you feel if you yourself received such a 'gift'?...

So, the work of a priest carries on. I have a Sunday Mass to celebrate at St Bern's. It will be my first Mass there and I hope that it will be a meanignful one. It's also Bible Sunday. God bless and wishing one and all peace and joy!

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