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Thursday, June 26, 2003

Many Thoughts
Only 2 more days left before I leave my state as Deacon behind.

I am a thinking of many things and all of them are just too inadequate to describe the current state of my mind at this point in time. There is this about being relieved that I have finally found myself in a point in time where I can etch out my mark in history as a 'person of the cloth.' My classmate beat me to this by one week when he was ordained last Sunday and now I am addressing as Father Stanley.

I am also thinking that I have to look out for all the ups and the downs, good and the bad, better and the worse that comes with being a priest. Once the ordination rites are under way, there is no stopping my state of 'transformed' life which I have to uphold for the rest of my life. My life won't be that private anymore. A public figure of sorts, I'll have to bear some unwanted limelight and be scrutinised under the microscope of 'life & relationship'.

There is also the ordination coming up and the last minute tying up of loose ends and dealing with other strange 'things' which usually have the knack of turnign up suddenly and upsetting the order of program. I just realize that I may have forgotten to include a few more friends and close acquaintances into the dinner reception. Well, they can still attend the Mass ceremony, but I'd like them also to be there for the rest of the night.

Many more are running like a bullet train in my mind's eye that if I continue pondering over them I'd go mad! So, I think I shall stop here. Mass is coming up and I need to attend and assist at the altar. These last few occasions will see me doing that before I can say 'celebrate' at the altar!

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