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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Why Are We Waiting?
The waiting continues this Holy Saturday as the nexus between the death and burial of the Lord and his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday takes hold of each Catholic in the world today.

The Holy Week has been quite an enlightening experience for me as I am experiencing all of it in full colour and flavour as never experienced before. It is a great difference how it is felt when one is a seminarian and now as a deacon. Into the thick of the action where things can go wrong despite all teh preparations put in leading to frayed tempers and all, it's the underlying hand of God that keeps the entire celebration of the triduum still in its order and place.

This evening for the Easter vigil that includes baptism for adults and some children, I shall begin my first foray intot he singing of the Exsultet in front of a parish congregation. I don't know how it will eventually come off, but ready or not, I have a role to fulfil. It is really not that daunting after having done it once in the Seminary last year. Just have to psyche myself to enjoy the moment and sing...! Meanwhile, the 'waiting game' continues as the parish here takes a little reflective break from all known activities and prepares itself for the evening vigil celebration at 8 p.m. Apart from the printing of the bulletin downstairs form my office, the rest of the offices and people are a little on the quiet end. Our volunteer cleaners are sprucing and cleaning up the various areas of the Church, priests' abode and offices in a special way to greet the Easter morn.

Perhaps a short reflection from a friend may be a good moment to take a good look at our own take on this coming Easter:
How so quietly You had traced my footsteps and come to me this night, of all nights.. Maybe You were here yesterday but I did not feel .. You
Love, you did not come like a thief as they said You would. You came much quieter; as a slight breeze in the silent stillness of the night. You came so quietly. Why am I not surprised? This feels so natural. I can just sit here and imbibe the soothing silence. You are feeding me. I am calm. So tender. And so sweet! How can You be so quiet? So meek? And so humble? I do not understand this. Try as I might to imagine you as that awesome God who kindled the stars and .. I cannot. You have come. As You always were. Meek, Quiet and Humble. All that pomp, pageantry and the silly decorations we just put up is so meaningless. You do not need those.. You are so rich in your emptiness. Silence. You are feeding me. I am being fed. Slowly. I cannot find words to describe this. How can I sing those songs of my Savior's Glory? Awake my soul and sing? Silly songs. They seem meaningless. I am awake all right. Is nice. This feels so right. Great. You are not the God of Greatness. You are not the God of Power. You are not the God of all Glory, Laud of Honor. You are just Jesus. You are come. I have no need for a Glorious God. I need You. You are everything I need. You are so quiet. It is peaceful here. This is salvation? You died for this? Seems all right. How silent it is..

Happy Easter!

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