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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Being In Good Hands
It has been a rather wet and cold start to the New Year with the recent weeks seeing the rain pouring down almost non-stop with short respite now and then but still cloudy days. Have been under the weather lately with the sniffles and the irritating cough. Most days I just want to lie in bed and sleep off the lethargy...

Saw the Archbishop about my posting about two wweks ago and gotten confirmation that I shall be going over to the Church of the Holy Family. Set to move in there by the 15th Jan. The priests of the parish are eagerly awaiting my arrival, it seems. Well, it would certainly be an exciting parish to serve, not to mention a big one too! There have been many occasions to be thankful for and I am sure many more graces to be encountered. Every day holds a promise of a situation pregnant with the love and peace of God. It only asks that we get in touch with all these in faith and trust.

Right now, am doing a lot of packing and clearing up of my things in the seminary as I prepare to leave this place. After 7 years here, it's kind of difficult to forget easily this place, especially when it has been a 'surrogate' home for me, with my family in Malaysia while I am the only one in Singapore. Even if the seminary has been full of bitter-sweet memories, it still is a place where I encountered my God that continued to reassure me and led me to where I am now. I know I am in good hands...

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