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Monday, May 06, 2002

P2P et al
The P2P project results are out. Check them here. My blog didn't do that bad in its view to others and how this particular reviewer saw it. The comments are fair and honest. It had already spurred me to do something for the template and, while not that mind-blowing, my attempts at some cosmetic changes have been satisfactory. But I must say that the search engine on P2P page under some other categories seemed to be misleading as they do not match the reviewer, the page reviewed and the review itself. Well, rasmussen must still be commended (as he continues to tweak his search engine and those misleading categories) for his excellent initiatives for bringing bloggers together.

Meanwhile, my exams are around the corner. Two oral papers and then I'm through for this semester. Then comes my ministry to the Lector on 27th May and to the Acolyte on the 7th July. The time for reckoning is drawing near. Once the diaconate is approved and when I accept it, there's no turning back...

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