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Monday, May 13, 2002

Half Year Assessment...of sorts
We're moving into the last throes of the 1st semester. Exams are around the corner and the brothers are beginning to realise that there is such a thing as textbooks and notes that they must begin to read up. Many of them are also wising up to studying in an aircon room, i.e. the library or one of the empty classrooms, as the heatwave of a couple of days has been making our rooms feeling like we are in an oven! I have also used some opportunity to come into the Internet room, fire up the Net and get into my blogger template to make further additions and sprucing up to my weblog page. I think it looks more alive now.

Meanwhile, my pastoral work has taken a short break due to the exams. It has been a very fruitful exercise of learning how to let go of my own way of thinking and letting the full force of the Holy Spirit takes over ('...use the Force, Al..'). Though not so dramatic and obvious as Star Wars would have it, yet the movement of the Spirit is unmistakably present that I can't help being pulled along by it. The experiences that I have reflected upon have shown me that God continues to surprise me and that I am asked to let go even more... One of the distinct signs that I am being somehow carried along by the Spirit is my disinterest and the calm manner I have been dealing with the various tensions and pressure that abound in the Seminary. Facing a new day is never an issue for me. Every new one promises hope and an anticipation of something interesting and 'exciting'. Then, again, there are those who would always look on the bad side of things, making the whole day a sour experience...*sigh*. We are certainly a bunch of ungrateful lot!

Anyway, the midnight hour is upon us. Time to call it a day. God's peace and joy be unto you!

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