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Saturday, May 18, 2002

The Force is Upon Us!
It's late and I'll say something that at this point in time is rather close to my heart and utmost on my mind - besides the impending exams.

Star Wars: Episode II opened worldwide and in Singapore two days ago. It generated a media frenzy and hype that seemed to make it a hit comparable to the original Star Wars trilogy even if there were still detractors and critics that have something against it. As for myself I can't wait to get the chance to catch up with the continuing space soap opera which I first 'fell in love' with some 25 years ago. Its magic is still continued to be felt every time the word 'Star Wars' is mentioned. For whatever that's worth I believe Goerge Lucas has somehow touched the inner yearnings of many people with his grand idea of what good versus evil is all about. Someone even has a rather in-depth, if not a ridiculous yet interesting take, on the Star Wars' political intrigue and goings-on. Check it out!

Then there's the response of the public and the critics on the current Episode II. Amazing. you'd think that the Jedi cult will be next in thing! I believe at one moment in time recently some people wanted to make 'Jedi' as a term to be use under religion in the forms of all official documents! Thankfully the powers that be did not take up their proposals...

Finally I think this piece deserves a place here even if it may seemed a little crude. But what's life without its little tarnishes. Nothing's perfect...
The TOP 10 Things We Want To Hear Samuel L. Jackson's character 'Jedi Master Mace Windu' say in the Star Wars prequels:
10. You don't need to see my goddamn identification, 'cause these ain't the motherfuckin' droids you're looking for.
9. Womp rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'll never know, 'cause even if it did I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfucker.
8. This is your father's lightsaber. When you absolutely, positively, have to kill every motherfuckin' stormtrooper in the room... accept no substitutes.
7. If Obi-wan ain't home then I don't know what the fuck we're gonna do. I ain't got no other connections on Tatooine.
6. Feel the Force, motherfucker.
5. What ain't no planet I've ever heard of! Do they speak Bocce on What?
4. You sendin' the Fett? Shit, Hutt, that's all you had to say!
3. Yeah Chewie Rocky Horror's got a hair problem. What the brother gonna do? He's a wookie.
2. Does Jabba the Hutt look like a bitch?
1. Hand me my lightsaber... it's the one that says, 'Bad Motherfucker.'

Be good and may the Force be with you! (I'm allowed to say this once every time a Star Wars movie comes on...)

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