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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Change For the Better?
Holidays are here again! 'Tis the mid-term break (6th March - 10th March)...

As the months go by I am given to some reflecting about my final year here in the Seminary. Whether I finally get to be ordained or not is not as important as how has the Seminary transformed me over these eight years. I find myself more confident to face the future and also the world even if there be thorns along the way and when all things may seem to fall apart around me. The level of my maturity has allowed me to see things without passing any hasty judgment but still able to question the essentials, when need be. Faith and reason walk and work hand-in-hand here.

It is also sometimes extremely frustrating when I am unable to contribute effectively in helping accordingly people/parishioners who I know are in need of some assistance. This is because my presence, timetable and work is concentrated mainly within the seminary. Such is life of a seminarian... Nonetheless, it's a life worth lliving as the glory of God continues to shine through especially when the seemingly insurmountable odds in life are beaten soundly. Too many and too personal to mention. Just enough to be aware of them. I am no saint, just a simple redeemed sinner searching for the real meaning of life. I may have only grasped a little of what I am meant for but it is enough. The rest will gradually unfold in their own time. God willing, I may be able to see the whole of it... Meanwhile I shall take one day at a time. Hope you are surviving, too.

Be good and God's peace and grace be to you.

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