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Monday, March 11, 2002

Afternoon Delights
I can see from my site meter that there has been several visits by websurfers. That's good. Now let's see if the counter gets to reach a two digit figure...

Today, for starters, because it is hot and also the start of the new quarter (we just finished our mid-term break, in case you missed us) I thought I put in an ode to all those Hokkien people out there. Nothing original (from some god-forsaken web site in the Net, like this one) but deserves a laugh or too:

If You Know Hokkien....
Children is kina kia
Bird is chio kia
Car is kia
Give birth is se kia
Furniture is Ikea
Police is mata kia
Small house is chu kia
Country name is Czechoslovakia
puppy is kao kia
kitten is miao kia
chic is koi kia
Babi is du kia
Handphone is nokia
Malay is huan kia
Hindu is kit leng kia
Kuai lou is ang mo kia
Chinese is teng lang kia
Japanese is jit pun kia
Orang jahat is phai kia
Orang baik is ho kia
Person who read this msg is gong kia
If you laugh , you are siow kia! (thanks Dom!)

Meanwhile I think Sis Nirmala has a point with this one:
Sister Nirmala Encourages Indian Bishops to Embrace Poverty
Mother Teresa's Successor Addresses Conference Assembly

JALANDHAR, India, MARCH 8, 2002 ( - Sister Nirmala Joshi, superior general of the Missionaries of Charity, encouraged India's bishops to serve the poor by becoming poor themselves.

In her address to the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, the successor to Mother Teresa stressed, "If we want our dialogue with the poor to be effective, we have to follow in the footsteps of Jesus our Master in becoming poor and loving and serving the poor like him," according to the SAR Catholic news agency.

Sister Nirmala appealed to the 150 bishops of India to "identify the poor not as persons deprived of material food only but also hungry for the Word of God, thirsty for truth, knowledge, justice and peace, and naked for want of human dignity."

The bishops' conference today is ending its weeklong biennial General Body meeting, at Trinity College. The theme of the meeting is "Church in Dialogue."

Distinguishing the poverty of the clerics and religious from the poverty of the poor, Sister Nirmala said, "We need to share in the poverty of Christ by a deliberate choice of evangelical poverty, each one according to one's state of life. We must listen to the cry of the poor, make reparation for the selfishness and greed of man, and share with the poor what we have."

"Not from our abundance, but from our want, 'until it hurts,'" she added, quoting a favorite verse of Mother Teresa.

In a gentle but resolute voice, Sister Nirmala told the bishops that the riches and wealth of the Church are the poor and the destitute. "Christ calls us to give freely since we have received freely," she added.
Some thing for our priests and religious to think about, especially the one about 'until it hurts'...

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