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Friday, October 26, 2001

Friday's Thots Pt 3
Just trying to be a little different this time round....

In the midst of my assignments and classes, managed to do up a new index page for my website. Will put it up soon. Wait for it! I've already implemented some cool Flash items in the site.

Meanwhile things are pretty quiet around here. The stray puppies have been given away to a dog breeder. He has a better place for them to stay (I hope!). All Saints coming up in a few days time. Halloween will therefore be just around the my Mandarin class I learned that it is 'nan gua jie' or 'wan sheng jie'. I hope I got that right in Hanyu Pinyin.

Anyway, the world is still hanging on in one piece. Let's hope it remains whole after all the warring going on...

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