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Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer's End...

I can breathe a sigh of relief, now that I have finally registered for the courses of the coming academic year 2008/09... *whew* :-)
The past few days have been rather anxiety-filled with the thoughts of packing that needed to be done before I leave the Convitto and head back to the Collegio, registration for courses at the Angelicum and clearing a few other administrative things along the way. Now all the major work is done and I can concentrate more on the packing while waiting for Saturday where I leave for the Collegio.

Looking back at the past months and those times when I have been staying at the Convitto, I can't help but feel much grateful for the experiences and time I have spent here. I have made new and good friends, learnt of a good gelato stand, gotten used to celebrating the Masses in Italian, enjoyed the view of cluttered Rome and the night sky from the terrace and visited other fascinating tourist sights around the Angelicum/Convitto area.

More importantly, I managed to complete my draft thesis which I had set out to do and learnt to accept my temporary exile in a place that I thought would be deserted and devoid of the presence and rhythm of people and life. Now that I have to prepare to leave, I have a tinge of sadness of leaving behind friends and the conviviality of this place that, while not entirely perfect (then again, where in Rome, is any place perfect?), made my living here pleasant, peaceful and enriching.

I carry with me these special memories of my summer break here in the Convitto and may they continue to help me learn to be a better Christian.


Anonymous said...

Well, I learnt it from your thesis! :)

Unknown said...

hahaha! that, you did! :-D


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