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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Magician in all of Us?...

It's Sunday and I finally managed to finish my Introduction and Chapter 1 of my thesis on spiritual direction!

So, for a little reward I shall allow this time to engage in some rollicking entertainment that shall put a big smile on your faces. Incidentally, this is also a special acknowledgement to all practising magicians out there (no, not the evil kinds in the black arts) who labour to give their audience a good time in sleigh of the hands and cunning trickery which fools the eye. In particular, here's to Alfie and his talents in this entertaining art which he sometimes uses to make the children laugh and wonder with awe...

So, take it away Pixar and Presto!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Aloysius, are you going to post your thesis when your done ? Bob

Unknown said...

@bob: no, here as an entry. but I can send a copy to you when I am finished and done with it... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Fr. Aloysuis, I,d like that very much. Bob

alvin mark said...

Ha ha! Thank you! Only in the foot steps of St John Bosco. :O)

When I found out that Wall•e will only be screened on Aug 28 here in S'pore, I was just thinking of ways not to accidentally bump into "spoilers". I've bought the Art of Wall•e and that's about it. I'm even careful while flipping thru the book.

Someone mentioned that Wall•e could probably even be downloaded on the opening day in the US, but I've refrained. :O)

So... sad that I can't enjoy that clip (Presto) for now. (I've read a bit about it and can't wait to see it!)


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