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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup Stress

I am not much of a football fan. More a from-the-couch-critique with the severest criticisms for referees, even if I haven't the fullest grasp of the game's intricacies. So following the World Cup this year was suppose to be a bochap affair.

Then came the talks with the strong suport for the underdog teams (Ghana, Australia, Togo just to name a few). Then there was this strong bent of mine that France shouldn't go into the second round or even (heaven forbid!) the finals. Then there was my own bias that all European teams (except Spain and Portugal) shouldn't go to the finals and that it was already boring expecting Brazil in the finals too! Then came predictions that it would be a Spain-Portugal final. (my favourite was Ghana-Australia final... heh, heh!).

That was when I sat up and paid a little more attention. I then began watching mainly those matches that played before 12 midnight. Those 3am ones are are killer to the eyes the next day! On one occasion, I almost attempted to stay up to watch the Spain-France game thinking I can have this consolation of watching Spain thrash France, after Ghana lost to Brazil. I couldn't make it as I felt the bed calling me instead. No matter, Spain lost and so was my eagerness for tracking these games anymore... :P

I have decided now not to be too involve in being personal with these matches and just let it go. Whoever wins, wins! The world carries on and wars will still be fought - on or off the field. In this way, it is less stress for me! :-)

On other matters, tomorrow is my anniversary of my ordination. That means I survived three years in the priesthood. I say 'survived' because it is no walk in the park! Even now, going through the day can bring up a few nasty surprises here and there. I am currently looking at a situation where I am wondering how to deal with those persons who come in regularly asking for a handout. It is difficult to be certain whether they are bogus or not, though some can tell that they make it their occupation to fleece money off any one or institution. I had to really turn one away, as I had dealings with him before and sense strongly he is pulling a fast one on me. I don't want to encourage able-bodied people to go around 'begging' for easy money like this!

On much less stressful note, my favourite superhero is back on the big screen! Will catch the new Superman Returns movie at the latest free time I have. Meanwhile have a nice week ahead and watch those late nights...! :-)

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Terence said...

Hi Father,

Happy Anniversary,
May the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry. That you may be as zealous as St Peter and St Paul in bringing the message of Christ to others.

Your Latin Classmate


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