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Monday, May 24, 2004

Do The Mana, Mana

It has been rather tedious blogging here lately. Whenever I do find the time I am rather loss for words to put down or a total mental block as to what to write about. Not that there hasn't been anything of interest that has been happening in my life lately. Much have happened since the last entry but quite a few cannot be mentioned in all their glory here... such is the life I have to bear.

Anyway, as for Monday's shenanigans:
a. it was the phone that rang rudely this morning at around 7.45 am as I rushed down from my bunk bed, awakened and all groggy, only to be asked if I was awake (!) and if I had seen the caller's Divine Office book which she misplaced in the canteen or somewhere yesterday. I was divinely inspired to replied cooly that I haven't and that she should call the office instead to see if they have it under the 'Lost and Found'. So, now I am enlightened concerning my duties as also being a lost and found officer...

b. had to peruse through at least a dozen questions that arose from the recent Little Rock studies on the Book of Exodus. Most of them rather technical but all based on the participants queries and wondering why Moses and his ragtag group of people had to travel some 40 years in the desert and did what they did. After cracking my head over them, managed to come up with some decent answers based on my trusty New Jerusalem Bible and some other commentaries and a bible dictionary. The only problem was delivering them in a session with the participants at 8.00 pm later, without making it obvious that I am just as in the dark as they are...

c. had fish today as Fish and Co. Why fish on all days and why even fish, in the first place, since I never liked them? Must be the company. Dropped by KCBC earlier during lunch time and bumped into Theresa and Gerry - the two great stalwart keepers of the bookshop since time immemorial. They invited me to join them for a fish lunch and I followed them to Parkway Parade. Wasn't that bad and the Passion Fruit drink added some 'zest' to the meal. While there I dropped by MPH after lunch and came across the next Dan Brown's book - I forgot the title - but it something to do with the Vatican and its so-called secret society and all. Since his last nonsensical book 'The Da Vinci Code', he continues his fetish with the Vatican, spewing conspiracy theories that sits nicely alongside those from the pulp tabloids with headlines like 'My Mother is An Alien'.

d. the day ended with a phonecall - from a parishioner who is helping me with some articles for our parish newsletter - at around 10.50 p.m. First, she asked if she could get some questions from me (huh?) and then she corrected herself saying what she meant was that she need some answers from me. That was before I threw her some irrelevant questions that confused her somewhat. What does one expect out of such conversation, especially at such late night like this?...

It has been an 'awe-inspiring' day of sorts. I can hear this whisper of God in the background: the 'best' is yet to come. Well I am not going to lose any sleep on that, waiting for them to arrive. Tomorrow is another day. I can always do a 'Mana, mana' if things get a little rough...

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