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Wednesday, July 25, 2001

It's All In the Timing
3 days into the second semester. It's rather slow moving as we gear ourselves back into the mood of studying again. One of my class has been postponed till the lecturer recovers from his operation.

The priests' retreat is going on and ends this Friday. The Seminary is a little crowded with seminarians, students and the clergy around and everywhere. This 3rd quarter having the duty as timekeeper has been rather tiresome. People expect me to follow to their time in ringing for the start and end of classes and for starting of our prayer times. Problem with their timing is that theirs differ from one and another, even from mine. So whose do I follow?! Well, since I hold the bell and my watch is the closest to the time that is displayed on the tv and radio, so I figured I shall stick with my lowly Casio timing. End of discussion!

Still reading Merton's journal (vol 4) and have picked up more pointers on what and how I ought to behave as a seminarian with regards to the formation in the seminary. Nothing is perfect here. But God still provides the grace to continue with my vocation in spite of the many limitations, real or imagine.

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