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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Week That Was

Happy Easter!

It has been a long and tiring Triduum that began on Maundy Thursday right through to the Easter Vigil. Overall, I managed to journey and experience all the feet washing, kneeling, standing, cross veneration, singing and baptising that came about with the celebration of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This year I got to wash some feet on Maundy Thursday for the first time since I came to Holy Family. I never had this opportunity before and it wasn't as if I was very hard up for it. Still, the experience was an enlightening affair for me. The need to lower myself to the ground and touch someone's sole of the feet to begin washing it with water was very strange. That this was done in front of the congregation in the church made it all the more surreal. An act usually done by slaves in Jesus' time, I can understand how small and lowly one can be!

Good Friday was manageable despite the kneeling, standing, prostrating and veneration. The passion delivery through the Gospel and preceeding readings were their usual sombre, sad and trying feeling. Through it all, I cannot help, but allow those images from Gibson's opus 'Passion of Christ' to invade my thoughts. Such was the power and force shown through that movie!

The Easter Vigil that Saturday was a treat on its own. Fr Christopher was the main celebrant and he had the unenviable task to lead the congregation through 4 parts of the celebration that includes those long readings and the baptism rite which I helped oversaw. A total of 24 adults were baptised and 2 were received into the Catholic Church. I sang the Exsultet - again...

Today, I am tired out after the Easter Sunday Masses.


Anonymous said...

father, It was nice reading your latest 3 entries. Though i wasn't as busy as you in the prep for Easter tridum but being part of the rica journey this yr as a sponsor has taken up some time. This yr was the 1st time i wiped the feet of some elects & their godparent. It was the 1st time i had to go on my knees and at that point i cld feel how lowly one can be while doing it yet made me realised that as a follower of Christ this is what i should be doig, that is, to serve.
Seeing all the adults go through baptism was a wonderful experience especially because i journeyed with this group.
After all this excitement, i suddenly felt exhausted that i knocked out on Sunday.

Anyway father, i wanted to end this super long comment with 'I will miss your homily when you are not around as it has inspired me many times and answered many of my doubts which i never voiced out'. It was like God was answering my qn marks through your homily. Thanks very much

Unknown said...

to jac - you are welcome! :-)


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