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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Soaking In the Holiday Mood...

Lots of durians! There were rambutans too! Home cooked food as my mum makes them! Local teh halia, and other delicacies! That is how my stay at Kajang has been thus far. :-) The whole scene and ambience here is a little different than in Singapore in that, you can still get a little of that 'cowboy-town' feeling in this place with its rather messy way of how things run around here. :-D

The whole time I was here, the need to go and do things or rushing around were practically no-existent as I soaked in the R&R of this place. This evening, I went out together with my youngest brother's family and my parents to tuck in some steamboat items. It wasn't too bad and my nephews were their usual naughty self. I got to see my niece for the first time after about a year and a half and she was shy and still trying to get use to my presence.

So far, the vacation has been very pleasant and slow moving enough that everything here seems to be on slow-motion! :-D

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QQ said...

Malaysia, truly Asia, a place I call home too! Feels so nice whenever I'm back there! ;)


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