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Saturday, November 15, 2008


The sun is shining weakly outside. The clouds are making their presence prominently in the sky as they weave by, covering the sun now and then. The cold sets in as winter get to move in on us day by day. When the wind blows, it gets awfully cold and biting and the warmth of the bedroom is a small consolation for one who is not usually used to having to deal with a season like this.

I have to wear socks now on my feet even when I am in my room to keep them warm as possible. Having to also wear triple or quadruple sets/layers of clothing is the norm now. When it is time to go outside and brave the cold or rain (which happens often), I dread the journey which have to be made to the University and back for the sake of classes. It gets even dreadful should I have to attend a late evening class when it is also dark, rainy, cold and wet outside :-P uurgh!

The heaters in our rooms and around the Collegio will come on next week and we should be much more at ease from the cold that is slowly encroaching. The strange thing is that this heater thingy is government controlled and follow a certain regulated timing for their usage. It doesn't come on 24 hours daily (or close to that) but at certain strategic times in the day and a little more in the evening. Some smart fellows here overcame this by purchasing personal portable heaters and put them in their rooms. Unfortunately, their smartness overlooked the poor wiring system in the Collegio and these devices tend to overload the electrical system and we get 'trips' and blackouts now and then. The word just went out to all of us to refrain from using these portable heaters and to wait for the main heaters to come on next week.

So, meanwhile, we get use to the cold and endure the shivering in the night as we say hello to winter!

(I was fortunate to have a Sister from the laundry department giving me an unused comforter/quilt which was lying around. It is now being utilised well as an item that warms my bed as I go off to sleep... )

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Anonymous said...

Wow Fr, that was a very nice picture of fall / winter!! Did you take it? Can go for photography competition liao... :0)


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