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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Can't Wait

We just turned back our clocks today by one hour. That means the time difference between Rome and Singapore is now 7 hours instead of 6. This is the usual time adjustment which this part of Europe undergoes as it heads towards winter.

A friend commented that it would have been easier to just get up or start doing whatever that we have to do (get to work, school, etc), one hour later from the usual time. This beats physically changing all the clocks or watches you have! :-)

The only thing that hasn't change is my course schedule which would start again as the week begins anew tomorrow (it's Sunday evening as I write this). That means the usual traffic encounters, jampack buses and weathering the cold everytime I head out to the university. :-P

Some 8 months of this and I can say goodbye to all this for good. Can't wait...


Unknown said...

What a good journey..wish I can do like u Father..hehehehhe..can ka?

Unknown said...

only if you want to! :-D

Unknown said...

Wakakakkaka...waiting for the 'calling' first hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I know what you mean about the daylight savings thing. We just had ours and it gets dark at 5pm! That kinda sucks :( I should be happe I am leaving in a month but I really like it here though. Booooooooooo.


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