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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Feeling Classic-y...

Ahhh, what a little Bach or Beethoven can do to make the Sunday easier to slip into even as we note that Monday is over the horizon....

I did not get to sleep last night till close to 4.00 a.m. because I was following the lunar eclipse and doing up the pictures for the blog and for SLOOH. To top it all, I had to get up two hours later to prepare to celebrate the Sunday morning's mass, which was attended by - one - sister (Sis Helen). So, it was like a dialogue between the two of us as we incorporated Lauds into the liturgy. All in Italian too! So, I did feel a little 'kancheong' and the video below almost says it all:

However, if you prefer a much more calmer and steadier version of doing a Sunday that is more enjoyable, maybe this Bach-y would be more suited to your preference:

Have a pleasant Sunday and... play Bach! :-D


delphina said...

hi father..

hahahahahaa!!! i love that ode to joy clip!! hahaha.. i can't stop smiling.. i can't believe puppets are harmonizing~ haha..

Unknown said...

@delphina: glad you like it! :-D

delphina said...

yes i do~ haha.. i can't stop watching and laughing at it.. my friends too~ haha.. ^-^

hope you're coping well there.. well will you return?

Unknown said...

@delphina: latest by end June 2009 ;-)


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