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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Of Pizzas and Sciopero...

I finished my first draft of the Introduction page of my thesis and had sent it to my moderator through the email for comments. While waiting, I am currently stewing ideas for the first chapter. I shall probably put something on paper the next day.

Meanwhile, the stay here at the Convitto has been quite interesting thus far and family-like atmosphere here made the entire experience of living with the religious setup such as this within the Dominican order very engaging and pleasant. Just the other evening, I followed a small group of us, consisting the sisters who manned the kitchen and three other priests (including Fr Julian), to a cosy little pizza restaurant just around the corner, within the vicinity of the Convitto for dinner. The Convitto's kitchen is closed on Sunday, hence our trip to that restaurant.

I had a fun time there finishing my Margherita (with sausage) pizza and cool beer along with the company at the table that had other types of pizzas. That's me on the far left, obscured and holding a glass of beer. Fr Carlos, the financial administrator, on my left is having a go at his pizza.The two sisters opposite me are the ones who help at the kitchen and stays in the Convitto also. After dinner, we went for some gelato and I had another theophanic experience with Italian ice-cream of melon, kiwi and strawberry flavour. I think coming to stay in this place isn't such a bad idea after all!... :-D

Today, while stewing my ideas for the chapters of my thesis, I did nothing else other than to stay in my room and around the Convitto. That's also because there was a major strike that was on. All the buses, trains and even their airline (Alitalia) were on sciopero, i.e. strike. The effects did not bother me because I did not have to travel anywhere. That's life here in Rome.

Like I said - it's a crazy city!


Anonymous said...

did I see beer!? you? drink!?

Unknown said...

perche no?... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beer? Water?Coke? no different Rome.


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