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Wednesday, July 02, 2008


This is the second day at the Convitto.

I arrived here yesterday morning and slowly unpacked the necessary stuff in the room as I began to make myself a little comfortable here. After all, I shall be a semi-resident here for the coming three months.

My room faces away from the sunlight most of the time, which is a good thing, so the place here isn't that hot. I hvae brought a table fan along, so that helps a lot to further take the heat away, especially during the hottest part of the day in the afternoon. All in all, it is a blessing that I managed to acquire this temporary accomodation after a short time of searching. I know of others who do not want to go to a parish having a hard time getting an affordable place to stay during the summer.

I should be starting on my thesis soon but the slow and comfortable (read - lazy) pacing of the holidays can always lure my senses and will away from any writing and paperwork to something less strenuous. :-D So, it is really a struggle to get myself to start working!

The residents here are mainly priests who are studying in Rome, but they seem little more friendlier and open to others around them than most I know in the Collegio. Perhaps it is the lifestyle here under the Dominicans who run this place. Over breakfast, there was an intensive discussion over what is happening to Europe, especially in Italy, and how it is losing its soul to the god of money and privileges. Much of what were brought out already made me realized why I have never sat down well with what's been going on with the lifestyle and experiences I encountered the past year in Rome. I have said before that as a visitor or tourist, Rome can be a great place to visit, but to stay on here and get involved in the pace and style of living can be a quite a challenge.

Meanwhile, a friend from Singapore smsed and reported that the funeral Mass of the late Archbishop Gregory Yong had an overwhelming crowd of people and with the SJI bagpipes playing, to send the body off after the Mass at the Cathedral was over. The late Archbishop certainly was well-loved and a simple man. He had his faults, but his cheery disposition always helped smooth things over and he got along well generally with many of his flock who was under his care then. The 'people's archbishop' (as he was affectionately known) will be missed.

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